Yes, ... now ... I finish ... He learned with difficulty.
I don't want to go at all. I was furious. Having turned Tanya with her back to me, I sharply inserted my penis into her pussy and began to fuck hard. Tanya screamed "yes!" and moaned loudly. Pretty soon I finished right inside her. I didn't know what came over me. I jumped out of the shower and wrapped myself in a towel. I took cigarettes and went out to smoke on the balcony. After that, I returned to the room and lay down on the bed. A few minutes later, I heard that Tanya came out of the shower into the corridor. She was looking for something in her bag. Then she entered the room. There are still a few drops of water left on her voice. She was wearing black stockings and high heels. She stopped in front of the bed and slowly twirled in front of me, wiggling her hips and slapping her ass a little.
At that moment, I didn’t want sex at all, but I still fleetingly imagined places in the apartment (and not only in the apartment) where we can have fun with this girl. A whole new world literally opened up for me, how cool it is, physically I was still in the same locations, but how many new things I could do. A subtle image flew through my head in which I fuck Anya in my car, she is kneeling in the back seat, her jeans are down to her knees, she has no panties on at all, and with every push of mine, her penis sways from side to side.
Lisa lay down on the edge of the bed, leaving her legs together on the floor. Artyom began to kiss the inner surface of her thighs, raising her higher to the cherished triangle. Lisa was very worried, because. it was the first time for her.
Gerk was surprised by this answer, because not a single girl had ever refused him.
- Alo. Hello. Are you not against if with us another guy will come?